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4Z Global Pte Ltd

No 1 Sunview Road
#06-44 Eco-Tech@Sunview
Singapore 627615

Tel : +65 6462 2602
Facebook Page :

8 thoughts on “Reach Us

  1. I am Sam from Jambar Team Building, we are doing research for a possible obstacle course event for a client. Does your company do such projects if so I have provided a few details of our project below.

    Warped Wall:
    Expected dimensions would be about 3m high, as for the width we are probably looking at 5m. I am not too sure of the angle of the slant yet.

    Cargonet Climb: Triangle Shape
    Base length be 7m
    Height would be 3m

    Monkey Bar:
    Height expected to be 2m
    Length of the monkey bars to be 5m

    Cargonet with Wall:
    Wall portion to be 2.5m High, Width to be 5 m.

    Net Portion to run 3m before the downward slope

    This is our first time this sort of project so do let me know what additional information you require to give us an estimate for the costing.

    I can provide sample pictures

  2. Hi. I am looking for a job in Singapore. I Am Ivy Untiveros.
    Is there any vacancy for mechanical engineer or office or admin jobs.
    I Hope to hear soon.

  3. Hi. Do you have any job vacancy for Project Coordinator or any relevant architectural work? Hoping to hear from you soon.

  4. Hi Sir,
    This is Lynn from Gainford from China, we’re the steel scaffolding supplier from China, located in the southern China.
    May I know if you have any requirement of importing scaffolding from China ? If yes, pls kindly contact me, thanks a lot.

    Take good care and best regards,

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